Friday, November 14, 2008

Awsome Hockey Game

Tonight as a family we went to dinner at University Broiler and Grill (YUM!), then went to Weber States Hockey game where my Bro. Seth is an assistant coach. They played the Utah State Aggies. WOW what an awsome game. So intense! Weber won 5 to 3. It was tied 3 to 3 as we went into the 3rd period and in the last few minutes of the game we scored twice. The crowd went crazy. It was sooooo cooool!!!

Seth standing on the bench, observing.
Just a shot of the action.

A fight broke out. I don't much care for fighting but it was pretty much equal and no blood so it was okay. Its blurry cause I hurried to take the picture. I have yet to take a picture of a Hockey fight. So yes I have much to practice.

The fans. We sat right in the middle section (our usual section). Thanks to Mom, Staci & Martin, Amanda and Cannon for saving us spots. Go Weber!!!

Way to go brother, Awsome game. Thanks for the invite and reminder. It could of only been better if you'd been on the ice. Hope to see that again, soon!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Game in Logan

Brock had a hockey game in Logan last night and well, we'll just say it was a long drive to play on some ice. We lost 11 to 1. I do have to say we tried really hard and the other team (they have a lot of players and coaches) are a really good team.

Brock getting and passing the puck.

Brocks next game is the last away game(yeah!), next Wednesday in Bountiful.

Friday, November 7, 2008


So it has almost been a month since I posted and of course there is a lot I want to post about so I am just going to post some brief highlights.

10/14 Makayla's 13nth Birthday.

Officially a teenager! YIKES!

10/16 & 17 Going down to Mt. Pleasant with my Mom and Sister and seeing relatives. Seeing the Manti Temple and reminiscing about younger years. I think the best part was seeing my Uncle Marlow (my Dads brother) and him showing us his den of hobbies. It was really good to see him, my Dad looked alot like him so it was very heart warming to see him and keep that relationship alive.

The Manti Temple

Uncle Marlow in his Amazing Den with some of his collections of Marbles.
10/19 F.H.E. at Staci and Martins to celebrate October Birthdays, Sammi, Kayla, Brandon and Martins. Happy Birthday to them!

We had delicious soups, rolls,cookies and apple juice. Very YUMMY!

The birthday kids, Martin, Kayla, Bran and Sammi.

10/23 Sammi had a field trip to Black Island farms with her school. Very fun.

Sammi and her pumpkin that she picked.

10/25 Moms annual Chili Party. No pictures, we didn't get there til later. But the chili was GREAT and it was a GREAT success. Lots of family came. Thanks mom for all the work you put into keeping your tradition going.

10/27 Brock scored 2 goals in his Hockey game. We still lost 3 to 5, but it was a good game. (How could it not be, he scored not once but twice!)

Brock scored both those goals.

Brock skating after the puck.

10/31 Halloween! Fun trunk-or-treating.

Harli- A purple witch and Sammi- A pink diva.

11/01 My cousin Jaren is getting married, So my Aunt and cousins(the sister and sisters-in-law) put on a shower for the soon to be sister-in-law. Fun to see family and new additions.

11/03 Yeah!!!!! Brock scored AGAIN! However, we lost 4 to 8. It was a good game because of course Brock scored and Our team scored 4 goals in ONE game. wahooo! Our next game is on Monday in Logan at 6:00.

Brocks goal. I was just turning on my camera when Brock scored. I was sooo happy and yet sooo mad that he couldn't of waited for about 30 more seconds so I would of had it on video. ha ha. Oh well, we will take what we can get.
11/05 For our youth activity this week we got tickets to go to the taping of the Youth New Years Eve Fireside at the Conference Center in SLC. Our YW Pres. Lynds met us at the parking garage and brought pizza. We ate, then walked a block or 2 to get to the conference center. We had a lot of fun being together and the entertainment was great. Good clean fun, can't beat that.

The 3 funny girls we had in our vehicle.(while we were waiting for our turn to get out of the parking garage we had fun with my camera that just so happened to be in my purse. yeah!!!

The 2 fun leaders in the vehicle. LOL

Well I think I'm going to call that good and hopefully I will be better at staying caught up on things so I can elaborate a little bit more.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Picture: Utah weather, What a difference 24 hrs can make.

Yesterday at about 2:30 in the afternoon.

Today at about 3:00.
Blessing: A sister. Staci came up today to watch Sammi while I took Harli to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. Poor little Sammi was sick. Staci stayed a while for lunch and to watch some Grey's and Private practice. Very fun and snugly afternoon. Thanks sis!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


PICTURE: Can I just say... "What in the heck is this? I'm not ready for winter! I just want to enjoy the colors of fall a little longer, minus the white fluffy stuff.
I took a couple of pics this morning to what we woke up to and then what we went to church in. Brrrrrrr!

BLESSING: A roof over our head and a working furnace! Can't imagine what the pioneers had to deal with. I complained to Bran that our house needs to be warmer than 62 degrees. We have a furnace, lets use it!!! If you know Bran, you know that he likes the house to be cool almost on the verge of freezing. Well, I've decided that this winter is going to be a cozy winter. I've told him that he can set the timer control to what ever he wants, but I AM going to change it when he leaves so he should just save us both the hassle and just set it to a more reasonable temp. I'm not asking for it to be hot just warm and cozy. So we'll have to see what happens, however I am pretty excited to sit by the heaters with my kids and our blankets.

Who needs McDonalds.

Who needs McDonald's when you have a husband like mine? This morning while we were all getting ready for church Bran fixed us all a sausage, egg and cheese Brando-muffin.(just like a Mac-muffin from McDonald's.) Very yummy!!! Just wanted to share how amazing and thoughtful my hubby is.


Brock and Kayla had a choir concert on Thursday night and they both did Great.
It was really fun to go and see them both perform on the same night.
Just makes me want to sing....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

C-2 & C-3

This post is for Friday.....I'm feeling a little under the weather so I did not take a picture.
Blessing: Health. I am very blessed that my family and I don't have any real medical issues. picture. My laptop is being used for our Stake Youth Halloween dance tonight, so maybe tomorrow.
Blessing: Employment. There are times (like right now, since I'm at work) that I wished that I did not work outside of the home but I think for the most part I'm glad I do and that it is not that often.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So my sis extended a challenge of a picture and a blessing a day. I accepted, but I might
change it up every now and again. As for today......
Picture: Fall wreath on my front door, it makes me very happy! (simple pleasure)

Blessing: My sight. I like all the colors of fall. I find the seasonal changes very amazing and I am very thankful our Father in Heaven created such a beautiful and amazing world for us to live in.

I extend the challenge to all who choose to accept.

Brock hockey pics for the week

Hockey pictures from this weeks game.
Listening to coach after 1st period.

Bench huddle listening to coach after 2nd period.

Face off.

Face off.
We lost, 8-0 but it's always a good time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Better late then never.

So quite a while ago I was tagged by Babette, then Keri, then my sister Staci. Well Staci said that being tagged 3 times is like being triple dog dared so now I HAVE to do it. Thus the better late then never saying.
......OK here goes.

*Brandon, Brock, Kayla, Harli, Sammi.
*Spending time with our families.

*Losing my husband, a child, my mom, ...well any family member for that matter.
*My family being split up due to me dying (cancer, heart attack, accident, etc.)
*Needles -getting my blood taken, shots or these things happening to my children.(usually does not end well, me passing out or getting dizzy, light headed, sick...Not cool!)

*Stop putting off today, until tomarow and ending up with empty yesterdays.
*Be more physically fit.
*Food storage. (On our selves-not my body)

*Taking pictures.
*Spending time with my husband and kids.
*Reading blogs.

*I love salt!
*I would like to learn sign language.
*I like my bare feet between cool sheets/blankets.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My sweet little baby is 5!

Samantha Mae Holmes born October 1, 2003
Sammi is...a little snuggler, quiet, content, shy, loving, quick witted, observant, quick learner, playful, pre-schooler, helper, little sister, animal lover, girly girl, and a delight to have in our family.



Photo taken by Julie Parker (a team members mother.)
Random pictures from Brocks last game.

I really like that our team after every game lines up and and raises thier sticks in appreciation to the crowd. (great photo opp., maybe one of these times it won't be blurry.)

Happy Birthday to little sister!

We had family night at Jason and Sara's (on Sept. 21st) and did Staci's Birthday. No candles but a sparkler does the trick. (although almost impossible to blow out)
Staci made her incredible edible desserts.
All the nieces and nephews singing to their beautiful and talented aunt Staci.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Hockey Brock

Brock plays on Bonneville Highs Hockey team. There is only 2 Freshman on the team one form South Jr High and Brock from TH Bell Jr High. He's been waiting and talking about this for years now. It's been 8 years since he's played due to ice time on sundays. (Total deal breaker!)
He's doing good and picking it back up pretty quick. It is so exciting to me because my little brother played for Northridge High, Weber State, and is now an assistant coach for Weber State. This last game Seth(my little brother) coached Brocks team, due to both coaches being gone so they asked if he would be our guest coach. Brock said it's been a dream of his that Seth would be his coach. So for one night he was. They played down at the Olympic Oval, it was very cool. This was our 3rd game and we finally scored. We lost again but we played better than before and the score was only 4-2. The other scores have been 13-0 and 8-0 so we will take 4-2. We scored the 1st goal, then tied at 2, then you can figure the rest. I had double the butterflies for Brock and then for Seth. Seth did a great job coaching (he looked pretty natural) and Brock did a great job playing. I know when it comes to Hockey, Brock wants to be just like Seth (which is great -as long as he doesn't get the mouth that comes with it!!!)

Here is just a couple of pics.
(I take a ton in hopes to get THE ONE, and to capture EVERYTHING and because its FUN.)

Brock playing Right Wing on a face off. (with his back to us, Tornblom #2)

Seth standing on the bench coaching The LAKERS in between periods.

Going into the 1st game at the Ice Sheet.
(He was nervous and was not in the mood for my picture taking, but I had to get a picture.)
(And a special THANKS to Seth for donating almost all of Brocks gear/equipment. One of the perks for us that Seth has played for so long and having tons of equipment.)

Brocks # is 2, due to his "given tatoo"(freckles) on the inside of his right arm.

Pretty funny, huh?

This last picture is of Brocks 1st game cheering section.
(3 rows of people, ok not full rows but still alot of support.)

Brocks Hockey schedule is at for those interested in coming to support and cheer him on.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Camping in fall colors

Friday we went camping overnight in Mantua/Willard/Dock flat, whatever you want to call it. The weather was great on friday, rained all thru the night then Saturday was good right until we got all packed up to come home then it started to rain agian. All in all a good quick camping trip.

I love fall! The colors, the smells, the sounds, the feel, and don't forget the taste of the food. Its just a beautiful time of year. I just love it, I really can't get enough!
So these 2 pictures are my most favorite ones of the trip.

I'm so thankful that we went camping, so I could slow down abit and take it all in. I couldn't stop taking pictures of the beauty that I saw. The trees, the leaves, the rocks, my kids, my husband. And then there was the beautiful sound of nature, the crickets, the wind, the rain, the thunder, the rustling leaves and the cruching of leaves and the laughter of my children. There was also the sound of ATV's that was rather annoying to me at times but to my husband it was the sound of a beautiful time. We had a wonderful time enjoying each other and nature.