Monday, June 30, 2008

So much to blog about, so little time!

I have so much I want to blog but soooo little time. It will probably be about another week before I will be able to blog. We (Brandon and I) will be out on an adventure for our 10th anniversary and the kids will be with their Aunt Staci, Grandma Reyna, and Grandma Cheever. So enjoy the quiet until next week when I will get all caught up on my blogging. Love to you all!!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Park day Thursday

We went to Beus pond park and enjoyed each other and walked around the track and listened to the sounds of nature. (The kids getting after each other is a sound of nature too, I guess.)


It was Mom and Brock date day!
1st-Get rid of the long hair. (Way over due)
2nd- Lunch at Goodwood!
(Sirloin Steaks and Baked potatos, Mmmmmmm!)
3rd-Braces! (Before)

Braces for a year!
We had a good time and Brock is looking forward to our next date. (I think he's hoping it will be a little more fun for him and not just fun for me.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cousin Cooking/Baking Day (or not really)

The Boys! Brock and Nathan playing with their Bionicles. They really can get along without wrestling and fighting and being mean, it was GREAT!

The Girls! (minus Kayla, she was babysitting at the time) Sammi, Allie, and Harli playing on the landing with their girly toys and purses!

For the most part they all played really well today. I really enjoy being a fly on the wall when they are getting along and playing good together. Its times like these that I really wish there was more of them. (That usually doesn't last to long, but we have fun and I do love them all so much!)

So today was supposed to be cousin cooking day, well I slacked off and we didn't really do it. Well ok, here is how i justified our cooking/baking day. Today is my younger, not so little than me, brothers birthday. The BIG 27! Wow he's getting old. Ok anyway We went to Macey's BAKERY and got Uncle Seth his favorite cake, German Chocolate. We also got a poster to make a birthday card that we all signed. Staci signed her name 1st then all the kids then me. Well stac tried to out do me (Tried) so she then put "Your favorite sister" Well then I had to out do her and I put " Your bestest most favoritist sister EVER! (cause I am), then Stac had to finish by writing "Its ok you don't have to tell Gayla and hurt her feelings". Well I didn't have anything , other than-I'm the BIG sister and I say who is his favorite......and it's ME! (ha ha ha he he LOL I think I'm funny) Ok back to the story, when we were at Macey's we also bought party plates, napkins, some party poppers and some balloons. I took the Burb with all the kids and met Stac at Seth's and we called him from the street in front of his house and sang our birthday songs to him, then we told him to come to the door. (poor guy only had about 1 hr of sleep from working graveyard and not being able to sleep) His house IS the party house! We went in the back yard and pulled the poppers, had a little party then saw his basement that he is re-doing. It is turning out really nice I like it alot!!!!! Then we left so he could get some sleep and Stac had to go to work. On the way home guilt that we really didn't bake anything was starting to set in, so I decided to go to Papa Murpheys pizza and get Bread sticks that you cook and raw cookie dough. We came home and baked them. And THAT was the extent of our cooking day.

Suprising Seth with a little B-day party at the party house.

Mine and Staci's competition for love and being the the FAVORITE.

Happy Birthday Little Brother!!!

No cousin day next week, due to Kayla and I going to girls camp. But on the 24th we are having a car/bike cleaning/washing day. Yea for us or better yet, yea for the cars and bikes.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Day At The Park

The kids and I decided that we need to get out more. So we are going to go to a different park every thursday. This will give us a some free entertainment and togetherness time. We were in Roy today, right in the area where I lived until I was about 11 years old. I took the kids on a tour of my younger years stomping grounds, my old house, my school and the route I walked rain or shine ( my kids have it so easy compared to what I had), my church I went to, where I took swimming lessons, piano lessons, got my hair cut, where my friends lived, where we would ride our bikes ( almost everywhere we went), where would go to get slurpees and candy cigarettes (until my mom caught us walking on a main road acting like we where smoking-not a good day) where we played soccer, and where we hung out. It was very fun going back to those times. My kids don't think its fair that they don't get to go all over town on their bikes and go wherever they please. My response to that is it was a different time back then (now I sound really old) and I do let them do stuff, but I worry alot and would rather have them close by. Anyway, we went to a park and played baseball with waffle balls and plastic bats that Grandpa Holmes brought us. We also played kick ball, soccer, pyramids and layed back and did some cloud watching. We really had a fun time.

We then stopped in and saw my little sis, (Aunt Staci) at work (Radio Shack) and got treats (1 Kit Kat, 2 Snickers, 1 Reeses, and 1 bag of Peanut M&M's). We then went to get some dinner at Central Park in sunset (I really like their fries). Then we came home and sat around and relaxed.

What a day!!!

P.S. I need someone to show/tell/explain to me how to do a slide show on my blog, cause I love taking pictures and it takes up so much room on a post.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cousin Movie Day

With cousins, pajamas, pillows, blankets, and our own goody tray how could it get any better than this? Well add the movies Hannah Montana and Water horse and it doesn't get any better!

After a day of movies and ALOT of sugar we needed to use up some extra energy so we decided to go outside and play super heros. The good heros were Suuuper Mom (me, keep in mind we were pretending), Blue Ocean Boy (Nathan), Babylicious (Sammi), Flower Power Girl (Harli), Plaid Glad Girl (Allie) and there are always evil heros which were Hockey Jockey Boy (Brock) and Vine Girl (Kayla). Oh and our names coinside with our capes (blankets).

We had alot of fun running around the yard and coming up with our powers. We where quite amazing and our abilities we had were out of this world.

Some other fun pictures from our day. Don't they look so dang cute?

All in all we had a very adventful day. We're looking forward to next weeks day!