Monday, July 28, 2008

Camping and Four Wheeling

Ok, we posed for this pic but this is how we road on our ride. It worked out really well, not very safe but hey we're camping.

This is the little road to get to where we camped. Its out of the way and not much traffic.

Bran and the girls going for a ride.

Can't you just see the sisterly love? I think this is one of the only times when they didn't get along on the whole trip.

Seth and his friend Shyla and her daughter Alliah(?) on our four wheeling adventure.

Us. (Brock and Kayla wheren't able to come, they were with Bobby)
We all went for a ride to see Doug's other property and the wild life. I really do love the wind in my hair, not so much the dust. My Mom and Doug came down for a suprise visit, so Mom and I took the fourwheelers for a ride and let the wind blow thru our hair(cause we both have such long hair ya know) any way we had a good time even though we got all dusty. A little dirt don't hurt, unless its in your eyes. lol.
Jason and Sara's plans changed so we had them come down and stay in the trailer with us. We missed Staci and Martin, they had plans with friends:(

We had a campfire to roast marshmellows and tell ghost stories.

Roasting mallows. Mmmmmmm

Not a good picture but I like it anyway cause it shows us all around the campfire.

Jason telling his part part of the story. Jason started it then passed it on to Seth then to Brandon to finish. It had something to do with big foot prints, sheep, a cave, blood drops, a guy disapearing, and ending with the cave having strawberry jam. It was a little scary and I was so worried about the kids (ok, and me) that I kept saying "keep in mind they are kids" but it ended up rather funny. I was holding Harli on my lap cause she was scared before we even started. Then after the story Sammi came over to me and was so worried that some one was going to find us and steal our camp. Nathan thru in there that there is no such things as monsters and ghosts but there are such things as serial killers. It was so funny and so just out of the blue. Jason covered it by saying "we don't have to worry but our cereal that we are going to eat for breakfast better worry." hahaha Oh the memories we create. It turned out to be a very fun weekend and look forward to our big camping trip at the end of Aug. with my WHOLE family.

July 24th


Sparklers, Fountains, Flowers, Crackle Balls and Snaps are our favorites.

Happy 24th of July!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adventures up Ogden Canyon July 18,19,20

This last weekend I had to work but Bran wanted to take the kids and trailer up camping. He invited our friends Chris and Jen and thier cute family to go. When Bran and Chris get together and plan things, you never know what is going to happen. Anyway long story short Fri. night we set up camp and had hobo dinners, then I came home.

Sat. Bran and the kids played in the river and around camp, when I got off work I met up with Chris and Jen, went up the canyon met Bran and kids at Pineview went boating and BBQ hamburgers on the beach. It was a little stressful in the beginning but ended up being very fun. After boating we all went up to camp and got everything settled then Makayla and I came home.

Sun. Makayla and I went to church while everyone else had a nice big breakfast, then cleaned up camp and came home.

The kids all said it was a very fun weekend and they love the trailer!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Anniversary week of adventure.

Yea for us, we've passed our 10 year mile stone with hopes of many many more to come.
Well now for the mysterious and secretive details of our adventures.(I'll spare you some)
July 1st Day 1.
Met in Park city at 6:30 am, drove to Heber city, Bran helped set up the hot air balloon and off we took.(With 10 people total in our balloon) We got as high as 8,888 feet up in the air. It was exilleratiing and very beautiful. Bran and I both had our camera's that both do pictures and videos.(Bran was more the videos and to no suprise I was the pictures).

*2 HR HORSE BACK RIDE. Suprisingly not my favorite. I was looking forward to this cause I've riden horses plenty of times, the last time being in high school when I was bucked off. I never got back on the horse so to say but I really didn't think it would be an issue but we soon found out that it was. We (Our trail guide, Bran and I) went on a nice trail with nice tall grass to temp the horses oh and yea my horse liked to stop and eat every few steps, putting his head down and making me feel like I was going to fall off the front of him right over his head and down into the trees and yes I was being very dramatic and frantic but I stuck with it and after we got down on the flatter part it was much better however still terrified of being bucked off and that is really not the way I wanted to die.(like I said very dramatic)I felt bigger than the horse and that I was going to get bucked off but I survived and it was very fun. One of Brans favorite adventures.(I think he enjoyed it so much cause he got alot of good laughs at me.)

*ALPINE SLIDE, ALPINE COASTER AND ZIPLINE RIDE. The Alpine slide, cool but slow. The new Alpine coaster, very fun and very fast. The Zipline ride, soooooo fun.(I actually video'd with the camera around my neck and it turned out ok.)

*TUSCANOS. Dinner at the Gateway in SLC. Very yummy.
Then home to sleep in our own bed.
July 2, Day 2.
Scuba West in South Ogden, very fun-highly recommend it. Learned to scuba in a 12 foot pool. I absolutley do not like any water in my ears(it's a phobia of mine, my ears are very sensitive) but we were under water for about 30-40 minutes and I had no problem at all. We thru a torpedo back and forth and swam thru triangle hoops and played around all on the bottom of the pool. We took pictures but they didn't turn out very well, kinda dark.

*iFLy. We wanted to jump out a plane and skydive but it didn't work out so we did the next best thing, iFly at the Solomon center in Ogden. This too was one of my favorite things to do and I also highly recommend this adventure. We both flew for a total of 5 min. each and wow it takes it out of ya. Soooooooo so fun.

*1 HR COUPLE MASSAGE at massage envy just down the street from us. Very relaxing I liked it very much, Bran however did not like it. He's not one to be touched. He liked his hands and feet a little but that was all. They both had very strong hands and we felt it for the next day or so.
*Opted to get take out and rent movies instead of going to Layton to Go Cart race at Speed Street. We were pretty relaxed and tired and just wanted to veg out at home.
JULY 3, DAY 3.
Our trailer was ready so we went and picked it up and did all the walk thru and bought the stuff that we needed for the trailer. Very Fun and exciting.

*PLANE RIDE, or I should say-Bran flew a Plane. Bran has always been interested in airplanes and flying his remote control planes and they keep getting bigger and better and keep challenging Bran to fly them but he always seems to do it. So anyway went to Ogden airport and we were going to go for a ride to see if Bran might someday learn to fly a plane. It was very hot and harder to fly a little plane in the heat so I opted to stay behind so Bran could go and have more of a chance of surviving. I was not happy when he landed and He informed me that he did not get any pictures or video like I had asked him to. Well after pouting for a minute Him and the pilot told me that he couldn't cause he was flying. WOW!!!! I backed off and am happy with the pictures that I did get.

JULY 4,5,6 DAYS 4,5,AND 6.
in our trailer with the 4wheelers. Very fun and very relaxing just doing our own thing. We went down to Doug's (my Mom's husband and/or my Step Dad, and kids grandpa) anyway... we went to his property down in/by MountPleasant around Nephi area. My mom and Doug showed us the way helped us get to the property (getting the trailer up the steep hills and to the property was an adventure in and of itself.) Mom and I rode the 4wheelers, the guys changed a flat tire on the truck, got set up and then I just could not keep the secret anymore and told my Mom and Doug of our adventures while we all ate lunch. Then they were on their way with our secrets to our family BBQ and fireworks at there house. We enjoyed nature, rode the 4wheelers, played house in the trailer (ok I played house in the trailer while Bran was out mapping the land.) We really loved being together(just the 2 of us) and enjoyed all our many adventure and look forward to our many more adventures now that our vacation is over and we are back in the real world of reality. Bran put together alot of our pictures and video and made a slide show. We had family over on Tuesday for dinner and a movie of our adventures, it was lot of fun.

A big THANK YOU to STACI, GRANDMA REYNA, and GRANDMA CHEEVER for having the kids overnight and to Codee and Sara for always helping out. Thanks so much for making it possible for Bran and I to be together, to reconnect, to be young and crazy, to relax, and just enjoy being married to each other. To my husband who I love so much and am very fortunate to have. Thanks for being the man you are, a husband, a Dad/Father, a friend, a hard worker, a provider, a student, a manager of our finances, calm and patient, teaching, fun, loving, young and are so much more but I will spare the bloggers and tell you in person. Just know that I'm thankful for you and all that you do. I LOVE YOU. XOXOXO

OK to get caught up on June.

June is one of our Birthday months. My younger brother Seth's birthday is the 10nth (he is now 27), Brock's is the 17nth(he is now 14), Harli's is the 26th(she is now 7), and my Dad's is/was the 30th(he would've been 54). We got together and celebrated thier B-days with cake and ice cream at our monthly Family Home Evening with my family.

So on the 17nth Kayla and I left for girls camp. Brocks B-day, how not fun for him. He babysat his younger sisters almost the whole time. He did an awsome job.(as usual) I've been the Y/W Secretary for 2 and 1/2 years and love it. It is fun being in young womens and now with Kayla being 12 it's even better. It takes me back when I was a youth and my mom was always in young womens doing various callings.(She has really done it all and I hope I am doing even half as good as she did. It was really fun having her in there with me and have come to realize all the DRAMA! WOW! anyway Love ya mom and Thanks for being a good example and always being so willing to help me out. Ok, ok back to Girls camp this year was on stake level so us leaders really didn't have to do to much. We only had 5 girls and 2-3-4 leaders depending on the day and time. Well I won't go into too much detail but it was really amazing. We all went on a hike for certification and wow what a butt kicker that was. I really thought I would die on the hike and be like a pioneer and have to be barried along side the trail and I really would not have cared if there was any flowers. It was hot, steep, and very long. There was several times when I really, really wanted to quit but I was suposed to be a leader and set an example not only for the girls but for my own daughter. The scripture keep going thru my head "ENDURE TO THE END" I couldn't even think of what came after that but with Kayla there encouraging me along the way and the many, many thoughts of a reward at the end, like a truck at the top to take us back down or a zip line right to my tent would have been really nice but there wasn't anything like that, just the overwhelming feeling of endurance and the reality of the plan of Salvation. We are here on earth to go thru our trials and it seems like up hill most of the way with people along side us to encourage us and help us along the way and some times its really rocky and sometimes its a breeze but knowing and believing that the reward is so worth it and its bigger and better than we can even imagine. Well ok, If you can't already tell I do have a strong belief of the Plan of Salvation and look forward to seeing my Dad again. Alright I'm done. To sum it all up, we had a great time- minus the infestation of all the silk worms falling from the trees all around us and getting into everything and a big THANK YOU to my mom for bringing up the pop up netted tent to put our tables and chairs in so we could sit and eat with out our friends dropping in our food or climbing all over us.

Fun Cousin Tuesday the kids fixed up their bikes and ran through the sprinkler and ate popcicles to cool off. We had a great day!

June 27, was bring your child to work day at Brans work so he took Harli. (She was just the right age) Boy oh boy did she have fun. She came home with a whole bag of goodies and stories.