Friday, September 26, 2008

Hockey Brock

Brock plays on Bonneville Highs Hockey team. There is only 2 Freshman on the team one form South Jr High and Brock from TH Bell Jr High. He's been waiting and talking about this for years now. It's been 8 years since he's played due to ice time on sundays. (Total deal breaker!)
He's doing good and picking it back up pretty quick. It is so exciting to me because my little brother played for Northridge High, Weber State, and is now an assistant coach for Weber State. This last game Seth(my little brother) coached Brocks team, due to both coaches being gone so they asked if he would be our guest coach. Brock said it's been a dream of his that Seth would be his coach. So for one night he was. They played down at the Olympic Oval, it was very cool. This was our 3rd game and we finally scored. We lost again but we played better than before and the score was only 4-2. The other scores have been 13-0 and 8-0 so we will take 4-2. We scored the 1st goal, then tied at 2, then you can figure the rest. I had double the butterflies for Brock and then for Seth. Seth did a great job coaching (he looked pretty natural) and Brock did a great job playing. I know when it comes to Hockey, Brock wants to be just like Seth (which is great -as long as he doesn't get the mouth that comes with it!!!)

Here is just a couple of pics.
(I take a ton in hopes to get THE ONE, and to capture EVERYTHING and because its FUN.)

Brock playing Right Wing on a face off. (with his back to us, Tornblom #2)

Seth standing on the bench coaching The LAKERS in between periods.

Going into the 1st game at the Ice Sheet.
(He was nervous and was not in the mood for my picture taking, but I had to get a picture.)
(And a special THANKS to Seth for donating almost all of Brocks gear/equipment. One of the perks for us that Seth has played for so long and having tons of equipment.)

Brocks # is 2, due to his "given tatoo"(freckles) on the inside of his right arm.

Pretty funny, huh?

This last picture is of Brocks 1st game cheering section.
(3 rows of people, ok not full rows but still alot of support.)

Brocks Hockey schedule is at for those interested in coming to support and cheer him on.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Camping in fall colors

Friday we went camping overnight in Mantua/Willard/Dock flat, whatever you want to call it. The weather was great on friday, rained all thru the night then Saturday was good right until we got all packed up to come home then it started to rain agian. All in all a good quick camping trip.

I love fall! The colors, the smells, the sounds, the feel, and don't forget the taste of the food. Its just a beautiful time of year. I just love it, I really can't get enough!
So these 2 pictures are my most favorite ones of the trip.

I'm so thankful that we went camping, so I could slow down abit and take it all in. I couldn't stop taking pictures of the beauty that I saw. The trees, the leaves, the rocks, my kids, my husband. And then there was the beautiful sound of nature, the crickets, the wind, the rain, the thunder, the rustling leaves and the cruching of leaves and the laughter of my children. There was also the sound of ATV's that was rather annoying to me at times but to my husband it was the sound of a beautiful time. We had a wonderful time enjoying each other and nature.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feelin' better

Okay, so I think I have all but 2 blogs added. I am hoping I have not forgot anyone, if so just let me know and I will get you added ASAP. Thanks to all who left a comment, it sure helped. I have some pictures and things I want to blog about so stay tuned...til next time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A very dumb thing!

I am sooo mad right now! I just deleted all my family and friends blog list. What the heck!!!!!! I was adding some new blog names to the list and I put it in wrong so I hit the remove button at the very bottom (not really paying attention) and then all of a sudden everything was GONE, gone just like that. All I could say was "Oh no, wait, come back, are you kidding me, no there has got to be a way to get them back, Really?". Seriously why do they not have an undo button or something to bring them all back. Dumb, dumb, DUMB!!!! (or maybe I'm the only one that does dumb things like this.)
So if you read this will you leave me a comment or call me so I can add you to my list AGAIN.
I haven't had time to blog (and I have a couple of things to blog about) and now THIS! SERIOUSLY!!!! Thanks for letting me throw a temper tantrum. Well better get to work and start with my list.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

First day of school

So its this time of year again when the kids start school and we get back into somewhat of a schedule. I have to admit I am very excited.
Brock-9th grade (a Freshman, I can hardly believe it)
Makayla-7th grade-(Junior high-Wow, where does the time go?)
Harli-2nd grade

Friday, September 5, 2008

Our big family camping trip (lots of pictures)

At least once a year my family tries to plan a camping trip where we all go camping together. Well this year I'm surprised we all made it. Trying to figure out when we could all go, then where we could all go and fit. Can I just say WOW! I'm a little shocked we all made it and that we were still on good speaking terms. I new once we had figured out a place and everyone got there that we would all have a good time and we did. We ended up going to Mantua and camping by the lake. It held all of us, our trailers, tents, dogs and we were by water and we were able to ride and go shooting and there was alot of shade AND there was full hook-ups. Everything that we asked for.

I think one of the best things about camping is the food!

Assembling the hobo dinners.

Brandon cooked our dinners in the community fire pit.

Mmmmmmmm, hobo dinners are my favorite!!!!

The kids taking a nightly dip.

Breakfast: Bran fixed and taste tested the pancakes. Very good.

Jason cooking the bacon and hashbrowns. Very yummy.

Mom cooking the best eggs in the world.

All the guys(minus Doug and Martin) rode a couple of miles and went shooting and just did what guys do while the rest of us hung out at camp. Our good friend Mandy (close enough to be family) came up with her 2 very cute kids and hung out most of the day and into the evening. (I didn't get any pictures of them, I don't really know how that happend I always take pictures of everything:( )

Setting up the targets for shooting practice.

The kids taking a swim and trying to catch fish. (key word-trying)

Sammi catching sand, rocks and mossy weeds. No luck with fish.

Everyone sitting around hanging out while dinner is cooking. My Aunt Marilyn (my dads oldest sister) and Uncle Gary who live in Brigham and my cousin Teresa who lives in Mantua and 2 of her kids came to visit and hang out. Very funny story behind it all but I will spare you the details. However it was really nice to see and talk with them since we only see each other about 1 or 2 times a year.

Dutch oven Tatoes. Mmmm another of my favorites.

Dutch oven chicken.

And you can't forget peach cobbler. Mmmmmm yet another one of my favorites!

Roasting star mallows. We ended up using the uncooked mallows (a.k.a. ammo) for throwing it at each other. Very fun times. I don't think me and my brothers and sister will ever grow up. When we are together its just a natural thing to revert back to childhood to tease and fight and play around. I kind of hope we never get to old for that.

Bran teaching Nathan how to ride Brock and Kayla's motorcycle.

Harli having a go at it. Not sure who had more fun, the kids or Brandon.

Our humble abode. My mom stayed in with us. (Dougs not much of a camper but came up when he could.) Waking up and being able to wave at my mom across the trailer while everyone was still sleeping or waking up was really fun. It took me back to earlier times. Oh the fun memories we have and make.

The Peterson's humble abode. Both nights the adults played games in here, it is really rather roomy inside. We had alot of laughs. We had the kids watching a movie in our trailer with 2 way radios to communicate back and forth. Very, very fun!

Seths tent that housed Seth, Puck, Staci and Abbi. (Martin didn't stay over, he's got a bad back.)A house for four or better yet a house for 2 and 2 four legged friends.(ha ha ha)


Sara, Jason, Allie and Nathan

Brock, Gayla, Brandon, Makayla, Harli and Sammi.

Seth and Puck.

Martin, Staci and Abbi.

Family: I love you all very much and am very thankful we were able to go camping and strenghten our family bond and make more memories together.