Friday, November 14, 2008

Awsome Hockey Game

Tonight as a family we went to dinner at University Broiler and Grill (YUM!), then went to Weber States Hockey game where my Bro. Seth is an assistant coach. They played the Utah State Aggies. WOW what an awsome game. So intense! Weber won 5 to 3. It was tied 3 to 3 as we went into the 3rd period and in the last few minutes of the game we scored twice. The crowd went crazy. It was sooooo cooool!!!

Seth standing on the bench, observing.
Just a shot of the action.

A fight broke out. I don't much care for fighting but it was pretty much equal and no blood so it was okay. Its blurry cause I hurried to take the picture. I have yet to take a picture of a Hockey fight. So yes I have much to practice.

The fans. We sat right in the middle section (our usual section). Thanks to Mom, Staci & Martin, Amanda and Cannon for saving us spots. Go Weber!!!

Way to go brother, Awsome game. Thanks for the invite and reminder. It could of only been better if you'd been on the ice. Hope to see that again, soon!!!


Amanda said...

It WAS a fun game and it was so fun to see you all. Hope to do it again sometime!

Wendy said...

Oh it sounds like fun, I miss those Weber Hockey games!

Amberly said...

Hey I just took some pictures on your camera:) When do we get you guys up here again..huh, huh? Make sure Seth DOES NOT hang up his redwings curtains in his basement:) He can fill you in on the rest.

Handyman said...

I miss seeing your updates Gayla, I hope everything is all right. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.