Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Game in Logan

Brock had a hockey game in Logan last night and well, we'll just say it was a long drive to play on some ice. We lost 11 to 1. I do have to say we tried really hard and the other team (they have a lot of players and coaches) are a really good team.

Brock getting and passing the puck.

Brocks next game is the last away game(yeah!), next Wednesday in Bountiful.


Handyman said...

Go Brock Go! Is the season done already?

Amanda said...

You are SUCH a good mom to go taxi him around to all his games and be there to support him. I REALLY hope to make it to either Wednesday's game or NEXT Monday's. Give the kid lots of loves for me.

Shawn * Bonnie said...

So that's where you've been, driving your son all over the state....at least you are there for him. You are a good mom!!

Keri Mead said...

I'm so excited to see the next ones in town. Yeah! Hey, if you wanna still read my blog then I need your email address. I'm doing it pretty soon and have never heard from you.