Sunday, October 12, 2008


PICTURE: Can I just say... "What in the heck is this? I'm not ready for winter! I just want to enjoy the colors of fall a little longer, minus the white fluffy stuff.
I took a couple of pics this morning to what we woke up to and then what we went to church in. Brrrrrrr!

BLESSING: A roof over our head and a working furnace! Can't imagine what the pioneers had to deal with. I complained to Bran that our house needs to be warmer than 62 degrees. We have a furnace, lets use it!!! If you know Bran, you know that he likes the house to be cool almost on the verge of freezing. Well, I've decided that this winter is going to be a cozy winter. I've told him that he can set the timer control to what ever he wants, but I AM going to change it when he leaves so he should just save us both the hassle and just set it to a more reasonable temp. I'm not asking for it to be hot just warm and cozy. So we'll have to see what happens, however I am pretty excited to sit by the heaters with my kids and our blankets.


Jen said...

I can't believe that you got snow in October! Brrrr indeed! We are still getting to the 80's during the day. It gets as low as the 60s during the night! I do miss snow, but not in October :)

Trisha Martin said...

We got snow here in Idaho, but not near as much as you! I often forget what it's like when the "lake effect" kicks in down there! Missin' ya!

Handyman said...

Great time lapse pictures Gayla! Ogden got lots more snow than we did in Salt Lake.
Hit the over ride button on the thermostat to override and raise the temp. Some thermostats this lasts for 2 hours and others stay that way until you change it back. A 62 degree setting is for an empty house when everyone is gone for the day. Remember cold air is heavy so keep the door closed to the basement so all the cold air from upstairs doesn't go downstairs. Good luck. I hope Brandon didn't get this from me but my thermostat is set to 55 for now and I wear sweats and a ball cap. (whoops sorry)